Epidemic 613

I design and lead workshops: connect with upcoming facilitation projects and screenprinting workshops on my 2017 website barbdanielewski.com

Rational Bell Society: I have partnered with Viki Bristowe to refresh my bicycle bell project with her pet photography, photographs of textures, and archival maps. Collaborating with another lovely human being was the best thing I could have done for myself! In Viki I found an incredible friend and a constant source of inspiration. You’ll find us sharing this new work on facebook and sometimes etsy.

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About Barb

I’m helpful, creative, and organized. My work is purpose driven, collaborative, and anti-capitalist. I am at my best when I have four books on the go (non fiction, usually), making a meal with friends, or scheming over a pint at my local pub. I regularly facilitate workshops and skillshares including rainscaping, greywater, plumbing, DIY pet waste composters, and home canning. I enjoy sharing other practical skills such as project management, building  spreadsheets, and I love facilitating meetings (is that weird?). I am devoted to learning and sharing skills with others and I thrive on people power!

I am known as “Epidemic” for screenprinting on stuff sourced in thrift stores like neckties, pillows, or sweaters…USING stuff sourced in thrift stores like gauze sheers, cassette tape squeegees, and picture frames. My prints are cultural signifiers, that share anticapitalist politics, non corporate lifestyle, and a belief that we must stand up to oppression. I call this project “Epidemic” to honour the power of a carefully placed image or message to transmit ideas that can change the world. It’s up to you to spread them around – that’s the next step.

I teach so I can share and explore my artistic process. Every workshop I lead tells me more about why and how I create. Through my workshops, I share a technique that is flexible enough to be used outside, in classrooms, or in parking spaces. I make silkscreens for people in my community, too, because I believe that when you make it yourself it’s got a story attached.

Lately, my work has revolved around artist residencies in schools on themes of equity, inclusion, and critical thinking. I’ve also been helping community groups through issues-based art projects, collaborating with other artists, and hosting Art Jams using second hand materials and clothing swaps to collectively make stickers, zines, silkscreened clothing, or patches. Interested in working together? Let’s talk! barbdanielewski.com for more info about workshops.


We may have met at: Handmade Harvest (Almonte) 2012-2016, Movies and Makers (Toronto) 2011-2013, For the Love of Craft! – which I helped organize (Kingston) 2012, Ladyfest Ottawa 2010, Sandy Hill’s One and Only 2013-2015, Mulberry Kingston Spring/Winter Fair 2012-2013, Fat Goose Craft Fair 2011-2016, Etsy: Made in Canada Kingston 2016, CBC Charity Craft Show 2013, Skeleton Park Music Festival 2009-2015, Wolfe Island Music Festival 2010-2015, or the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2006-2017.