Designing for an audience // the value of art

Laurel and I had such a good time collaborating on workshops for the past few weeks. I asked her if she’d like to write a guest post for my website to describe her experience, and now I’d like to share it with you!
From Laurel:
For the past 3 weeks I have been working with Barb to develop and hone many workshops. Through the development of these workshops I have learned from Barb many different facets of her including what the heck “Rainscaping “is and what exactly one should do to get rid of their pet poop! Barb and I are very different but we saved some time to talk about something that unites us; Screen-printing! I have a background in the medium but I learned all my print making techniques from a very well equipped and stocked school and since graduating have not had the facilities to continue in the medium. Barb opened the world of screen printing back up for me handing down valuable skills I am now going to take to develop workshops for my peers at the Queens Faculty of Education. Of course through Barb I was able to meet lots of very talented individuals and I was able to also learn about what it takes to run a small business in the arts.

Without directly meeting them I was also able to learn from Desiree Marshall, Tricia Enns, and Alison Gledhill, all talented entrepreneurs that make a living through the Arts by designing a prezi for a workshop centred on “Designing for an Audience”.

Although there is no magic formula for making each creative business work there seemed to be a common thread among all; you have to LOVE what you do! These businesses are a lot of work and without the love your business will seem like a chore. Another aspect that creeped into many of the conversations about all these businesses was the importance of valuing yourself as an artist. Art has a value beyond monetary as it is infused inherently into our life and culture and artists have some insight into how their own contributions are part of that and therefore deserve to be paid for that.

I am walking away from my final practicum with many new skills and knowledge. I would like to extend a thank you to Barb for kindly letting me follow her around these past three weeks. I was looking for a unique practicum and boy did I get it!