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These bike bells are designed using pages from discarded books and vellum paper overlays and are then weatherproofed with glossy resin. $25

Space kitties…and a chihuahua

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City kitties

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Birds in the city

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Birds in space!

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Birds – Winter 2014-2015

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Which cat is the cutest?

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These cute bells highlight dogs! (even though I’m a cat person)

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Dog bells: Winter 2013

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Look at these little buddies! Fur all wind-swept, feeling just like they do when they stick their head out your car window, devoted to any adventure you’re taking them on.

Cat bells: Winter 2013

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I am officially obsessed with cat books. While making these bells, I think about the cats pictured here being startled at an action provided by the photographer, probably a sharp noise or maybe a light. When I think about these cats going on bells, I imagine they are constantly reacting to all the stimulus on the streets that would require one to use a bell! Lights, dogs, pedestrians, potholes… stay safe out there, kittens!

Packaging for my DIY Bike Bell!

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If you look closely, you’ll notice a few changes in my bike bells. The big improvement is a metal thumb lever (brrrring!) thanks to my new wholesale supplier, and the packaging that I’m proud to say I finished designing just in time for craft fair season.  The challenge was to find a container that was re-usable, protected the bell from damage in the purses and bags of customers, but didn’t hide the shining beauty of each bell.  I hope you’ll find a use for these tins afterwards, they would make a great container for spare bike parts (like extra bearings, nuts, or a patch kit) or could be used for spices, as a travel container for soap, etc.

Summer 2013

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I love the high contrast that can be found in posed cat pictures.  The shape, colour and contours of the nose, ear, whisker, and eyes really come to life!


These ones have a bit of a retro feeling to them, with the muted blues and orangey fur.  They seem more expressive too, being poised in the hazy past…

IMG_1536 IMG_1543

Here are a couple educational cats! One shows how expressive a cat’s whiskers can be, the other shows us what the modern housecat’s wild ancestors look like.  Fierce!

I’m thinking of doing a bird series since I’ve been noticing them a lot lately. I am leaning towards urban birds since we interact with them every day and therefore can more easily anthropomorphize them. Plus they are forgotten beauties! Where can I find funny pictures of seagulls, starlings, sparrows, and pigeons, I wonder? For now I’m enjoying the therapeutic effect of gazing upon pages and pages of kitties as I make the bells, and the shared coo’s of folks coming by at craft fairs! I hope each and every one finds a good home on someone’s bike, with a perfect fit of personality and colour.

Cat bells for cat people

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