The screenprinted image and unique voice of a second hand tie come together to make an impactful statement. These ties are humorous, edgy, and their raison d’etre is to change the world, one conversation at a time. $25

Street art inspired

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A tie to wear to art openings.

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Mutual Aid & Love

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Bike to work!

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Is anyone else getting antsy for spring? And bicycles? Arrrrgggh…. so ready!! I’m working on some new neckties with this image of a bicycle. As this image is based on a common infographic, it can happily stand to be any colour I want without losing meaning! Can’t wait to play with this one.

Anticapitalista, Honour the Treaties

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Here’s a sneak peak at the work that’s coming out of my studio this winter:

Ever-growing class divide and wealth disparity is problem for all of us. No matter how hard it tries to be “good and kind”, capitalism seeks wealth by extracting it from those lower on the rungs of the economic ladder. It seeks to commodify every relationship we have to each other and our planet. I know it may not be much, but my choice as an artist to use second-hand instead of brand new neckties is a part of my conversation with the world, and your choice to wear something made by a local artisan is as well. These choices say that we value handmade over factory made, and that we support a human scale of production.

Although there is obviously more to the world’s problems than simply the economic system we choose [capitalist’s addiction to money and power with violently repressive relationships to anyone who tries to call them out on their issues], I think that wearing an anticapitalista necktie in an environment that demands a dress code is a nice little act of subversion that may just start a good and useful conversation. Showing your friends that the door is open for this kind of conversation does make a positive difference.

Neil Young recently made the phrase Honour the Treaties famous in the mainstream media, but it’s a message that the indigenous people of Turtle Island/Canada/North America have been shouting to the skies ever since those treaties with settlers were first signed… and then not honoured. Come on! It’s pretty obvious that the Canadian government is making up whatever rules suit them when it comes to resource extraction and the ownership of useful land, the most valuable resource in any country with an ever-expanding population. I’d like to draw a parallel to bullying – and in this case, our government is the bully and if we say nothing about it, we are just standing by watching the schoolyard victim get a pounding. Wearing a tie like this in a place you know it will be controversial would be one way to be an ally. Warm up your co-workers to the idea that maybe, just maybe, we’re living on stolen land.

Do you know what this is called?

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Or more importantly, do you know what this is?

If you didn’t grow up in the 70’s or don’t currently have a record collecting habit, you may not know that these little pieces of plastic are pressed into the space in the centre of 45 RPM vinyl records.  I never knew what they were actually CALLED – many people just call them “little plastic thingy” and then get on with the more important business of drinking beer and playing records.

When I started showing this screenprinted necktie at craft fairs I noticed the symbol definitely IDed a subgroup of vinyl afficionados.   I started asking people what they called it, but most people didn’t have a clue!

At an Ottawa area craft fair, I  met an artist who creates under the name Funky Vinyl Art who, (surprise!) makes things like wine bottle racks, coasters and clocks from vinyl records. I was told by FVA that these little beasts were called Spiders, which I later looked up and found to be true, although I have never heard anyone call it a spider before this – I had always called them 45 RPM Adapters.

When I got back to Kingston and asked Gary at Zap Records,   he brought out a bag of what he calls “Centrepieces” (he’ll sell you one for $1) and from the same little plastic bag pulled out an adapter cone which he said he prefers.

It is available in glow in the dark models (fun AND practical!) and retails for around $12.

Spiders, Adapters, Ads, Centrepieces, Pucks, Middles. Oh well, guess not everything needs a “real” name.  It seems that the beloved adapter from the past will be now replaced by the adapter cone.  And who knows what kind of nicknames will be thought up for it?  If you want to see the most epic of adapters, check this out.  Seriously.

Trivia bonus from an article about 45s and the adapters that are used in them:

“… the longest rock and roll song on a 45 was the Beatles “Hey Jude” which was more than 7 minutes, while the shortest was Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs “Stay” which was about 2-and-a-half minutes.


Cut here…

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Necktie = Noose

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Make it Yourself! DIY inspiration for Spring

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