The screenprinted image and unique voice of a second hand tie come together to make an impactful statement. These ties are humorous, edgy, and their raison d’etre is to change the world, one conversation at a time. $25

DIY Ties for Spring

categories: Make it yourself/ Revolution Starts at Home, Neckties, Useful Tools

Glow-in-the-Dark ties for Spring

categories: Neckties

Spring Bike Ties

categories: Bicycles and Fashion, Neckties, No Breathing!

Emma Goldman

categories: Emma Goldman, Neckties

Shaggy Mane

categories: Neckties, Wild Mushrooms

Eat local, forage for wild mushrooms!

categories: Eat Local, Neckties, Wild Mushrooms

Earth does not belong to man…

categories: Earth does not belong to man..., Neckties

Some anti-necktie ties…

categories: Neckties

Neckties for cycling to work.

categories: Neckties, One Less Car

Tools on neckties

categories: Neckties, Useful Tools

You Aren’t Stuck In Traffic, You ARE Traffic

categories: Neckties, One Less Car

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