No Breathing!

This image, which was created and used by Critical Mass Rochester in their leaflets from 1998 to 2000, is a play on the ubiquitous no parking sign. The Critical Mass, which strangely enough has an historical antecedent in 19th century ‘Good Roads movement’, is a decentralized, leaderless community bike ride, which takes place in a number of cities and towns on a semi regular basis. The aim is to reclaim the streets for cyclists who have been pushed off the roads by government policies that are oriented towards car drivers. The rides are also a celebration of the many strains of grassroots bike activism and a way for people to change the function of the urban spaces where they live, transforming the streets into a model of an autonomous community if only for a few hours a month.

Spring Bike Ties

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Some purses…

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Although I don’t print on these purses anymore because they are so difficult to make, I wanted to share some of these creations with you!