Useful Tools

The craftivists of modern times and back-to-the-land purveyor Whole Earth Catalogue provide encouragement to learn skills that we may have lost in this day and age of mass production, built-in obsolescence, and specialization. Epidemic encourages us to gain back these lost arts by printing vintage home repair guides on skirts, sweaters or on men’s neckties (a reminder in the office or in bureaucratic settings to keep it real!)

Publications such as New Orlean’s Chainbreaker celebrate the contributions of women in bike shops and cycling culture. Having equal access to skills and tools means women are not forced to rely upon men to keep our bikes on the road, another step towards freedom.

DIY Ties for Spring

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Bike tools and carpentry guide

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Tools on neckties

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Some purses…

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Although I don’t print on these purses anymore because they are so difficult to make, I wanted to share some of these creations with you!

Knots and bees

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Hold Fast is a popular tattoo for sailor’s hands, “with the original intent being to prevent sailor’s hands from slipping on lines, or to secure yourself to the rigging when working aloft in weather.”

I’ve added a guide to knots and splices that might be useful for you on your sailing adventures.

The bees are an ongoing theme in my work, I’ll tell you more about them another time!

A Very Useful Scarf

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This colourful scarf has some hints from an old home repair book on how to put a nail in wood while considering both strength and beauty. For the strong and beautiful woodworkers in your life…