Organizing the studio

Summer – flashing by so quickly. And soon it will be time to start thinking about getting back to crafting.  From June through October I work on an organic CSA farm near Kingston and devote most of my headspace to the harvest and canning of vegetables.  This year, I have put away three types of pesto, pickled garlic scapes, dilly beans, wasabi beans, and plan to do up some peaches in the next couple of weeks. I made a list of the things I want to can before the season’s done: charred tomato salsa, carrot soup, borscht, and curried eggplant relish. Art in jars, really.

Summer sun, pouring rain (it always seems to pour down in sheets on harvest days!), sore muscles, and mason jars – it’s over halfway through the farm season and boutiques are beginning to contact me with re-stock requests. Craft show organizers are tossing their holiday applications online. Teachers are planning their fall sessions and I’ve been booked for September and October workshops and November shows.  That means I have to start getting focused and spend more time in the studio! Cleaning up and re-organizing is usually the first step

The kitchen in the new place is huge so there’s no problem there. Problem is, I have 50% less space in the new studio compared to the old one.  Moving stuff around before every change of project gets frustrating. IMG_2525
Short inventory: Neckties, silkscreens, workshop supplies, packaging, craft fair displays and manneqins, graphic design and printers, bike bells, 167 1/2 book project and notes, plumbing books and rainscaping resources, custom t-shirt order, frame building supplies, extra vinyl records.
I guess it’s time to put in some shelving!