To see offerings of my latest workshops, including Protest Art Foundations (A fast-paced, participant-led exploration of protest art from activists in North America over the last fifty years.), Conversation Starters (Participants will screenprint a patch or t-shirt with a powerful, personalized message.), Contemporary Art Printmaking (Using stencils and silkscreens, participants will create personalized, multicoloured t-shirts.), Screenprinting Parties ( Participants are empowered to run their own screenprinting studio for a day, building teamwork and a deeper understanding of group dynamics.) and Pillow Talk (4-10 day residency in schools)

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Designing, building, and printing with screens helps build tool competencies, body awareness, and teamwork. In these workshops, participants of all ages may learn some of the following things:

improve ergonomics & learn to use staple guns, cut sheer fabric and tape up screens, learn how to put images on screens using the photo-emulsion process, print our designs on fabric, incorporate second hand materials into a mobile studio, troubleshoot problems that happen to all beginner screenprinters, stretch mesh on wooden frames, transfer high detail images with photo emulsion, prepare a design for screenprinting, creatively print using repurposed cassette tape case squeegees, drawing, fonts, and design principles, facilitated discussion on challenging themes, experiential learning through play, installation in public environments.

Evaluations can be co-created with participants to reach specific goals.



Take Home Screen


I make you an 8 1/2″ x 11″ screen with your design on it. You take it home and use it all you like! Screen is suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or backyard. Assumes a basic knowledge of printing. Similar to the Speedball frames but with your own image already exposed and ready to print!

Intermediate Screenprinting (Production Printing)

I make you a screen with your design on it. In this 2 hr class, bring in up to ten t-shirts to print. This is a perfect introduction to DIY production printing: we will troubleshoot paint flow, look at screen maintenance, and review proper screen care. Includes an brief discussion about types of paint, fabric, and design principles. Take the screen home with you. Perfect for bands, teams, non profits, families, or gift giving.

Includes take-home 8 1/2″ x 11″ screen and your choice of supplemental screenprinting kit (see above).


Advanced Screenprinting (Screen-Making)

Learn how to make a screen using the photo-emulsion method. In this hands-on class, you will make a screen with your design and learn how to make screens at home for future projects. Learn about types of paint, fabric, and design principles. This 3-4 hour class is an expressive gift-giving idea and an economical way of seeing your art come to life. Seize the modes of production! Make it yourself!

Price includes take-home 8 1/2” x 11” screen, and instruction booklet for future reference.

Take All Three Classes!

If you’d like to learn everything there is to know about DIY Screenprinting, schedule yourself in for all three classes for $350! That’s over 6 hours of one-on-one instruction and valuable hands on experience making a screen, doing a small production run, developing design techniques, and trying out different textiles and paints. You’ll take home up to 10 printed tshirts plus two Epidemic pieces you made yourself, two screens with your designs so that you can use them at home over and over again, and you’ll have access to email support if you have questions.  All of this will make you feel totally empowered to take on your own projects at home, and you’ll get to skip all those beginner mistakes that *I* made when I taught myself the ins and outs of screenprinting.

Bring A Friend!

If you’d like to bring a friend/teammate/band member with you to an intermediate or advanced class to help you with your screen, an additional $50 fee applies. Max 2 friends per class, no additional shirts.  I can customize classes for larger groups, send me your ideas! epidemic613 at hotmail dot com.