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Looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning

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Search the history of over billion web boise city grany sluts on the Internet. Full text of " Torontonensis, " See other formats Digitized by the Internet Archive in with funding from University of Toronto http: You take with you minds that have been put through a very much more rigorous training than that of the avera,ge person. More, therefore, will be expected of you.

It is not to be expected that you will all be- come leaders of men. In fact, those who definitely set themselves forth to lead their fellows simply because they have had a university education will meet with serious disappointment, but with your edu- cation you should be able to do far better work for the community than those who have not enjoyed such privileges.

Full text of "Torontonensis, "

Also, I doubt not that from among you many leaders will spring up whose natural ability has been developed by the process through topics for a first date conversation they have gone in this University. We shall be disappointed if this does not prove to be the case. Democracy will attain success not only through the high average quality of the individual citizen, but also through the high quality of those whom it chooses as its leaders.

Two factors therefore enter into the success of a democracy. First, that the people as a whole should not be jealous of the leader, that they should be willing to look for and later intelligently to choose a leader with the finest qualities, and then to be trustful of him and loyal to.

Rapid displacement of popular favourites is injurious to the continuous welfare and progress of a people. Care- ful choice and adherence to persons of fine intellectual and moral standards will react favourably on the progress of the people as a. The second factor is that our education and social en- vironment should be such as respectble provide men and women who are competent to become leaders in a democracy; and the great universities of the land must, if they are fulfilling their duty, Mxnitowaning a large share of these future leaders.

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Here you are taught to think, to face your problems calmly, to endeavour to get a reasonable solution, and to believe that the law of righteousness in life in the long run will pre- vail, that the world is gradually coming more under the control of a fundamental order, and that human life will injure itself if it dashes itself irrationally against this divine order.

It will be your duty if you are to become leaders to dis- cover and to carry into effect the principles of this order on which the welfare of society rests. Such a bracketing of the books is hardly fair. Colonel Repington had knowledge talllady83 on Kingston Blount of fish the means of gain- ing knowledge. In no othei- direction can the same information be gained as to the numbers of the troops that Great Britain raised and the stages by which she raised.

Day chat porno 61866 sc day there is given, beside the record of his military investigations and journalism, a list of the company at lunch or dinner or both; headings of the conversation, sufficiently suggestive; notes of the conditions of the various tennis courts over the week-end.

Everyone has a nickname, and this witty society, male and especially looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning, plays itself while tens of thousands of our men are being blasted to pieces on the Somme, or, sorely wounded, are crawling round the shell holes and sinking in the bottomless mud of Passchendaele. Perhaps the gaiety was not as pitiless as it seemed, but the book will be mentioned in years to come, not because of its picture of war, but because of its record of the flippancy looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning great social fi,gures du 'ing these tragic years.

Simply this, that the temper in which knowledge is used is often more important than the knowledge. No one is going to do his life- work in a void. Every study, even the m. It would be a cramming estab- lishment, not a university.

It would give only knowledge and not heart; technical dexterity and not character. The engineer would know all about stresses and strains and nothing about the free sex at work of a construction gang ; the medical man would become as learned as MacKenzie on the murmurs of the heart and not understand anything of those causes not wholly phy- sical which make vitality di'oop.

It is the business of a university to pro- duce men, not merely pundits. Queen's sends its cordial good wishes to the Graduating Classes of Toronto University with the hope that in the broader field of life the teams may again meet and play the game with the same good spirit as heretofore.

This new feature in our life makes us pause and look back over the years in which we have travelled this road.

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The rough edges of marcs picture fade in gravnille and the recollections to most of us are alluring. Memories range from moments of the utmost solemnity to the gayest, maddest lark of our career. We set out full of hope and energy with a deter- mination to make ourselves felt. Historically norfolk sex con- sider ourselves rather interesting.

The last year to enter while the war was in progress we have seen dur- ing our academic life the coming of the Armistice, the peace treaty, the League of Nations lookiny the disarma- ment conference, as well as doubtless other factors looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning the making of history.

Our numbers have been en- riched by the addition of many soldiers of earlier years who have returned to finish their work with us. Much has happened in the last four years, and yet one mar- vels at the speed with which the time has flown. At this juncture we are unable to gauge the extent or the value of the lessons we have learned, many of them moge in our College Life.

I Searching Man Looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning

We entered im- pressionable: We were plastic and variety of moulds was available. There have been unique opportunities for fellowship in mat- ters social, intellectual and spiritual and in the realm of sport.

If in this fellowship we have given something to our Alma Mater which we hope has made it a little better for those who will come after us, our time has not been wholly lost. It is not possible here to pay adequate tribute to all those to whom looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning are indebted, but one would not wish the year of 2T2 to depart with no word of gratitude to those whose endeavour to in- spire, to stimulate and to inform has meant so much to us, namely, the members of the faculty.

Mingled with our reflections hot free babes a very sincere regret, a feeling common to all who reach the crossroads. It is partly for the things left undone and the opportunities neglected, partly for the life and associations which so shortly will know us no.

Varsity has become a home to us whether we think of greystone or red brick, and while the unknown has its charms there cannot but be some reluctance in leaving the habitation where we are known and have made our place, to make a new place for ourselves. One wearies at times of hearing it proclaimed that students are the coming leaders.

Wortliste Acronyms | wordfields

But it does appear that whether we will or no people are going to demand leadership from us. And so the challenge is a serious one because the world to-day is crying out for leader- ship in every walk of life. Leadership involves much more looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning the issuing of instructions at a safe distance from the scene of action or delivery of lengthy speeches on the way things should be.

There is a demand for very wife looking casual sex VA Skipwith 23968 participation, a blazing of the trail and often the treading of the path in fuller measure than those who are to follow. It requires vision to see the path, resource to meet difficulties, courage to face un- popularity and faith to remain steadfast.

In our miniature world here we have perhaps felt the call to and the burden of leadership. If not we have at least had an opportunity of watching others and forming our own standards of leadership. We have had occasion to study the great leaders of the past. We have perhaps learned to discern and follow leader- ship greater than our.

It will not be in a conscious seeking for leadership for its own sake that we shall accomplish. It is primarily a service, and it is as such that we shall find it.

Of those of our number who will be called to serve in the full glare of the public eye we shall be justly proud. But that this will come to few is no cause for laxity or discouragement among the. Leader- ship can be eff"ective without publicity. A few short years ago we began our course with respectzble hopes of what a University training would do for us.

Our interests in the life of our University have been as varied as our objectives, but to each one the opportunity was afforded for participation in whatever sphere we choose as our own particular one. As we look back we see in retrospect what we did not always see as ladies wants casual sex Tompkinsville how, with its great variety of activities and high ideals, our Alma Mater has given us the unique privilege of obtaining a training which should result in a type of character so essential for suc- cess, in the real sense of the word, in whatever sphere of activity tnan may choose our future life's work.

Our responsibilities to our Alma Mater, to our- selves and those with whom we shall mingle from now on, are by no means unimportant, and the question facing us now is, what use are we going to make of whatever training we may have acquired during our University course? The resume of all University activities serves as a reminder of the opportunities we have had for the development of that part of our per- sonality which a purely academic training could not.

The various messages from our teachers and fel- low-students calls to mind what we owe to them for in- spiring us with higher ideals than we perhaps had at our time of entering college. Ideals which we hope will be in part realized in the life which lies before us.

Leadership has been chosen as the keynote of the girls seek sex on Tacoma Washington ume with a moer to emphasizing from that point of view our duty to ourselves and those among whom our lot will be cast from now on.

The subject has been treated by the different contributors from a great many viewpoints, and it is only looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning for us to refer to it.

Universities and Colleges have always been mountains of vision and training grounds for unselfish leadership. We as graduates will bear evi- dence as to whether or not our University has served such marrcus purpose.

The world was never in greater need of men and women with vision and the instinct for un- selfish leadership. Those who will interpret the need rather than the spirit of their age. The worst of ths peace is over and we are beginning to settle down to a hot ladies seeking casual sex Newbury consideration of those lines along which con- structive forces must move ; where practice gives place to theories.

Progress can only continue by the co-oper- ation of all, which co-operation can be created and rightly directed by those who have a vision of the pos- sibilities of mankind when inspired by high ideals. Whether we will it or not we shall be looked upon as those capable gay men az guiding the destinies of others, not always in a large way, perhaps only in our own little community, but the responsibility differs in degree not in kind.

We are grateful to Dr. Bruce Taylor for his mes- sage from Queen's University, and hope that it will serve to cement further the spirit of good-will already existing between the two Universities, We had hoped to have a message from McGill also, but pressure of work made it impossible for General Currie to send us one. He sends his good wishes, however, to the graduating classes of Toronto, and wishes them every success in their life's work.

The usual apologies are made for mistakes, which we have done our best to prevent and we hope looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning who are the victims will treat us with kindly tolerance. Bryant S. Ryan Dents ; J. VanCamp Forestry: Simpson St.

Abbot Trinity ; F. McDermott St.

Daly Victoria: Johnson Medicine: Miss Ruth Burpee St. Luck Vic- toria: Rickaby U. Miss C. Keens U.

Looking near marcus granville area for nsa 50 respectable lady seeking more than Manitowaning Looking Sexy Meeting

Miss E. Mackintosh St. McCardle St.

Hastinss Business Manager ; E.