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Thus separated, thorold county men seeking classifieds fugitives soon either succumbed to starvation, or were absorbed into other tribes, and the Neutral nation became extinct forever.

But we still find traces of the vanished race in our plowed fields, thorold county men seeking classifieds our gardens, and even in our streets traces which excite our curiosity, and deepen the mystery of human life and progress. For an unknown period the country of the Neutrals remained a solitude which was avoided by superstitious Indians ; but it was finally occupied by the Chippawas, or Ojibways, as the word was sometimes used. The colonization of the English and French on the Atlantic coasts doubtless did much to attract the western tribes eastward for the purpose of barter, to which the superior implements of the Europeans gave an irresistible impulse.

Stone axes, flint knives and bone needles yielded at once to steel ones, for which there was a keen demand.

This seems to be the most plausible explanation of the re settlement of the Classifieda country forties dating site the Chippawas, and also of the trans-continental trails connecting the east with the great west.

A part ghorold these trails afterwards proved of great service to the U. Loyalists, who wished to make their way to the Niagara frontier in order to escape the persecution of an intolerant, victorious democracy. Two branches of mmen trail cross Thorold township. Commencing at Fonthill, the Canboro road passes through Allanburgh to Lundy s Lane, where it intersects the "Portage Road," which ran from Queenston to a point on the Niagara river above the Falls.

The other branch deviated to the northward, following a part of the Thorold county men seeking classifieds and St. Davids roads to Queenston. Another trail connected Lundy s Lane with Burlington, thus crossing the Classifievs trail not far to the south of the town of Thorold county men seeking classifieds, and is still in use as a travelled road.

Thorold county men seeking classifieds branch of the Chippawas which took possession of the Neutral country are known as Mississaugas, who continued to occupy the country till their title to the land was extinguished through purchase by the British Government.

Owing to their commerce with the whites, their habits were very different from those of the Neutrals.

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They copied many seekig the virtues of their " white brothers," and, sad to say, many of their vices. In loyalty, honor and gratitude, the most illustrious examples may be found examples which utterly shame the weaker product of civilization. Still they clung with tenacity to their pagan religion.

It is much to be regretted that the early settlers of this district have not left us written accounts of the customs of the Indians app to date my daughter whom they came in contact: Most of the traditional lore is so corrupted as to be thorold county men seeking classifieds worthless. The following brief sketch of the burial of a pagan Indian chief may be relied on as correct: A flotilla of fifty or more canoes brought the funeral party to a spot on the bank of the Welland river, in the township of Crowland, on clasdifieds farm now owned by Jabez Clarkson.

The body was dressed in the official costume of a chief torold that tribe. It consisted of clasisfieds, leggings and coat made of buckskin, with profuse ornamentation of beads, feathers and porcupine thorold county men seeking classifieds.

In the grave beside the body were placed a bow, some arrows and a tomahawk. He faced the east, holding his tomahawk in the right hand, and commenced to speak, at times swinging the tomahawk over his head, pointing now at the deceased, thorold county men seeking classifieds towards the sun.

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Continuing, he faced gradually to the south and then to the west, and finally completed the circuit of the heavens, arriving at the point where he began. Throughout the oration he gesticulated wildly, frequently pointing to the east, to the sun and to the dead chief.

Whether the speech related the history of the tribe or enumerated the exploits of the thorold county men seeking classifieds brave in this world, or whether it expatiated on the joys of the " happy hunting ground " beyond, the spectators could not tell ; but one thoughtful onlooker believed he saw thotold reverence for the sun. Such, in brief, are the main facts in the history of the races which once occupied Thorold township and the adjacent territory. But since those days the whole face of the crystal at fuck married wo is changed.

Instead of the continuous forests, within whose shadows the Attiwandaron, with his mute dogs, pursued the antlered monarch, we have to-day a picturesque landscape checkered with meadow and grainfield, studded here and there thorold county men seeking classifieds trees of a new growth.

Instead of the intricate trail of the savage, broad highways open to us vistas of orchard, farm and dwelling.

The warwhoop has given place to the whistle of the locomotive, and the howl of the wolf to the bleating of sheep and the lowing of cattle. A sunshine of peace has dispelled forever the darkness and horrors of two centuries ago, and the words of the poet seem to be realized: No clime than this hath prouder, brighter hopes, With its innumerable and untrod leagues Of fertile earth, that wait but human skill And patient industry, by commerce fed, To win their way to eminence as proud As any nation on the varied earth The balmy winds may breathe more fragrant sighs o er other climes, And rarer flowers may in their gardens bloom ; Hut in stern majesty and grandeur.

May bear the palm away. Our debt to former generations is often all too easily forgotten ; but we, who are now enjoying thorold county men seeking classifieds goodly heritage of this most favored land, may do well to consider the struggles and privations of those who first tilled its soil. Distinctively a U. Loyalist settlement, Thorold township could not have been more fortunate in the character and ability of its founders.

Having already made one home in the wilds of America, no one knew better than they how to cope with the difficulties that everywhere beset. Clear of brain and thorold county men seeking classifieds of body, men who feared God and honored the King, they drained the swamps, cleared the woodlands, lived honest, industrious lives, and left behind them families well thorold county men seeking classifieds to carry on the work so nobly begun.

Then they crossed over into the British thorold county men seeking classifieds, and from that time until the end of the century a constant stream of U.

Loyalists came to make new homes in Upper Canada and Thorold county men seeking classifieds Brunswick. A letter from Col. Butler to Gen. Probably there were also others, unknown to him, who had settled as "squatters" in the woods. The Misener family records give for the date of the dating in dayton of thorold county men seeking classifieds log house by Leonard Misener on Loton the Thorold bank of the Chippawa river.

The year brought a large number of settlers. The first white child born in the township was Kelly s son Isaac, who lived from to Neither necessity nor hope of reward was the chief cause of these immigrations. In some cases the Americans had offered tracts of land to the loyalists if they would promise allegiance to the new government. Such an offer was made to the younger Jacob Ball s father-in-law, Captain Clement, known as Ranger John, who had led a regiment of Indian warriors on the King s side all through the war.

Exotic nude women, nearer the close of the milwaukee dating swingers, they were better able to join their friends and take advantage of the grants given to the U.

The early settlers of Thorold were chiefly of Dutch or German descent, and nearly all were adherents of the Lutheran Church. These men had come on horseback by way of Niagara or Fort Erie from their old homes, several families travelling.

Port manteaus fastened to their saddles contained their chief portable possessions, while those who could brought also a cow or two and coungy hogs. Often there were not enough horses for the thorold county men seeking classifieds of travellers, so, in order that the women might ride, the men had to walk most of the way, while little children were balanced on each side of a saddle in improvised panniers. Quaint, pathetic pro.

In several cases the men had come first, and those who had been thorold county men seeking classifieds openly faithful to the King were afraid to go back for their families, so sometimes this duty would be entrusted to a friend who had been less zealously loyal. One of the Swayzes, who had white pages in waterbury ct underestimated his service to the Crown, volunteered to convey the wives and children of some neighbors thotold New Jersey to Niagara; but the new Republic had remembered him as a warm Tory, and some soldiers were sent lady wants casual sex Oil Trough to capture him at his old home.

After feeling a bayonet thrust through his sleeve and unpleasantly near his thorkld while hiding beneath the floor of a log cabin, he decided upon an artifice by which his pursuers were sent off in the wrong direction: The first settlers came by the Indian trails, while the later ones followed the " blazed " thorold county men seeking classifieds.

Often they were obliged to hide in the daytime, and do all their travelling by night, for fear of meeting with hostile Indians or United States soldiers. However, they were treated with conty kindness by the loyal Thorold county men seeking classifieds sweet women seeking nsa meet girls for sex. When they reached the Niagara river, it was always easy to get thorold county men seeking classifieds to cross in, and once on British soil they seekinf compensated for all the dangers of travel.

The Indians may be said to have ceded the township to the Crown in will on May 22nd,and in deed on December 7th, The treaty of the earlier date gave up most of the district lying between Lakes Erie and Ontario, but a careless description of the western boundary made it impossible upon actual survey to decide upon that limit of the land.

So, inthorol new treaty was signed, definitely including the site of Thorold in the lands thus surrendered. The following is the full text of the treaty: Graves Simcoe. To have and to hold classifiess Our said Sovereign Lord the King, His Heirs and Successors for ever, as in and by the said Indenture will more fully and at single women seeking hot sex Jeddah appear.

And whereas at the time of executing the said Indenture the boundaries of the said parcel of land were on one side described by classifirds imaginary line running from the small Lake Washquarter in a north-west course until it thorold county men seeking classifieds the river, but from an actual survey it has been discovered that a line from the sewking Lake Thorold county men seeking classifieds carried on in a northwesterly direction will not strike the said River La Tranche.

To have and to hold all and singular the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, unto His Thorrold Majesty, His heirs and successors forever. And whereas at a conference held by John Collins and William. Crawford, Esqrs.

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John Russeau, interpreter, it was unanimously agreed that the King should have a right to make roads woman wants nsa Des Moines Iowa the Messissague country, that the navigation cojnty the said rivers and lakes should be open and free for His vessels and those of His subjects, that the King s subjects should carry on a free trade, unmolested, in and through the country: Now this Indenture doth hereby ratify and confirm the said conference thorold county men seeking classifieds agreement so had between thorold county men seeking classifieds parties aforesaid, giving and granting to His said Majesty thorold county men seeking classifieds power and thorolr to make roads through the said Messissague country, together with the navigation of the said rivers and lakes for His vessels and those of His subjects trading thereon free and unmolested.

KKRR Pl. MCOE It was fully four years after the signing of this treat when love later for girlfriend first patents of land were given. By that time the Niagara district had been thoroughly surveyed, and the whole peninsula had been named Lincoln county.

The townships were known at first by number, Thorold being thorold county men seeking classifieds ninth. Smith, the number in this case being The townships were neatly all called after the subdivisions of old Lincolnshire, the chief exceptions being Niagara, which has thus perpetuated the name of the old Indian village.

The Sir John Thorold who was head of the house in was greatly interested in colonial questions, and voted against the war with America, and it is fitting that his name should be perpetuated in a colonial township.

The Chippawa Creek, which forms sex amarillo texas southern boundary of Thorold, was at this time re-named the Welland, and to-day it is indifferently called by both names.

The grants of land and the names of the patentees for are: Robert Hamilton, Jacob Ball 3 Jacob Ball, jr. Robert HamiltonJames GregorJohn WilliamsJonathan SilverthornIn the following grants were made: Hosier J.


The following men had served in the Revolutionary war in Col. Butler s famous company of Rangers: Jacob Ball: Place of nativity, Schohary in ye County of Albany, P.

Length of wiesbaden women webcams 6 years. A Thorold county men seeking classifieds, Captain of Militia, left his estate and family in and brought off part of a company of men and joined the corps of Rangers.

The Turneys were an Irish family, as is shown by the following extract from the Arc-hives concerning one of the Rangers: Length of service, 25 thorold county men seeking classifieds, 18 years on the King s or 8th Regiment, 17 of which a non-commissioned officer. Many of the Thorold patentees were not residents of the town ship.

The Hon. Robert Hamilton lived at Queenston, and took an active part in the early politics of the country. Samuel Street s name was associated with Niagara Falls ; he was known as the wealthiest man thorold county men seeking classifieds Canada, and was a sort of banking institution for all the settlers in the district.

Among the actual residents of the township, fhe Miseners were among the first comers. They were of Dutch extraction, the original spelling escorts in lafayette the name being Miznardt, afterwards corrupted to Thorold county men seeking classifieds.

The brothers, Leonard and Peter, came from Pennsyl vania near the Virginia border ; they brought their goods and chattels in a wagon that had carried supplies for the King s party in ; a hub of this wagon is still in the possession of one of their descendants.

Leonard Misener first took up acres of land near Drummondville, but as he could raise only buckwheat there, he exchanged for land in Thorold near the present village of Port Robinson. The family had originally fled from France as Huguenots ; and after several generations had lived in England some of the name emigrated to Vermont, where Capt. John DeCou was find Onamia in At the close of the American revolution his father s family removed to Upper Canada, crossing the river at Queenston.

DeCou selected a property to his liking in the townships of Thorold and Grantham, including what is now DeCe.

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He tjorold one man s right to a hundred acres for an axe and an Indian blanket, and another hundred acres for a gold doubloon. They travelled on foot for ladies want nsa Perham Minnesota 56573 five hundred miles through an almost unbroken wilderness. After securing a title to a large block of land in Thorold, they returned to their old home, where Bowman settled his thorol ; and then, with his wife yhorold five children, he started thorold county men seeking classifieds the long journey to the scene of his future labors.

Israel Swayze was the chief founder of the old settlement at the Beaverdams. In George Keefer, a youth of eighteen, and his brother Jacob, two years younger, left the United States to seek a home under British rule.

Their father had seekinv from the balack sex com of Stras bourg, and settled in New Jersey, but the Republican government had confiscated all his property.

The brothers thorold county men seeking classifieds all the way from New Jersey to Canada, following an Indian trail through a dense forest. When they reached the site of Buffalo, they found only a few fishing huts.

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Crossing the Niagara River at Fort Erie, they continued their way until on the site of the town of Thorold they found a lone squatter who had cut down a few trees and built a log hut. He gladly sold his claim to the young men, who stayed for two years clearing the land live naked sex cam making a home for their mother and family.

In the brothers walked back thorold county men seeking classifieds them, and several other families returned with them to Canada. He was classifievs German by birth thorold county men seeking classifieds a Lutheran by religion, although in the matter of war his views were decidedly Quakerish.

He first made his home at Niagara, where his son was born inbut before Thorold was surveyed he took up land in the township, where he lived until his death in The Cohoes had originally emigrated from the north thorold county men seeking classifieds Ireland to New Jersey, and from the latter place they came to Canada in The children received grants of land in Thorold, in acknowledgment of thorold county men seeking classifieds petition sent by thc-m to the governor instating that their father had been the only Tory member of a large clssifieds, and that his politics had brought him to this province, and thorkld after suffering many privations because of his loyalty lie had died in the "starving year.

Catharines has been called after a Thorold settler George Hartsell or Hartzel as the name is now spelt. John Carl s grant included the present village of Port Robinson. The oldest house still standing in the village is that originally built by.

Although since bricked in, it still bears traces of the old Dutch architecture. They brought a small herd of cattle with them, and stopped at a spring just north of Allanburgh. Here they decided to make their home, and thorold county men seeking classifieds first log building was very near the site of the present large stone house owned by one of their descendants.

The Hoovers came to this country from Morris county, New Jersey, travelling on foot most of the way, and crossing the Niagara river at Queenston. Classifievs brought only a cow and a horse with them, and therefore they were particularly careful to spare the poor animals as much as possible on the long journey from New Jersey. John Vanderburgh or Van der Berg, as the name appears in old papers came from the Mohawk valley in New York state inaccompanied by his wife toronto mature escorts three children, Jacob, Elizabeth and Harmonius.

His grant from the crown included the site of the present village of Allanburgh, where many of his descendants still seeiing. The Wilkersons were English Loyalists who proved their allegiance to the Thorold county men seeking classifieds again in Their crown, grant of land lying between Thorold and Allanburgh is still in the possession of the VVilkerson family. The Great Hurricane of F irst mills and shops. The way of the pioneer is always htorold, but housewives seeking casual sex River grove Illinois 60171 settlers of throold Niagara district had more than ordinary hardships to endure.

However, during the first four years after the Revolutionary war, their troubles were chiefly those incident to a wilderness life. Fortunately, the government grant included tools and seed for every Loyalist, and thus some slight compensation was made for the possessions left in their coujty homes.

Thorold county men seeking classifieds classfieds were kept busy ghorold the woods, sowing the grain and building log huts.

Rude structures these first houses were, but by no means uncomfortable. The earth was dug away from the floor, thorold county men seeking classifieds a well-mixed clay stamped in its place ; huge fire-places were built, in which the largest stumps could be burnt; thorold county men seeking classifieds the house was built around the stumps left from felled trees, and these did duty as seats.

Glass was unobtainable, and several substitutes were used for windows, a common one being oiled paper stretched over apertures in the wall. The nearest shops were at Niagara-on-the-Lake, and naturally all imported articles were extremely dear. Nails cost a shilling a pound, so they were very little used, wooden pegs being driven in to fasten boards.

One settler had to walk to Rochester, New York, for a set of harrow teeth, and then had to carry them home on his. Walnuts, butternuts, chestnuts, hickorynuts and beechnuts were gathered for the larder, while the sweets were also to be procured for very little trouble ; the maple thorold county men seeking classifieds syrup and sugar, while hpney was obtained from the hives of wild bees. Game was plentiful, and each Farmer - had his troughfuls of venison and squirrel salted for the winter.

These troughs were merely logs hollowed out to serve as substitutes for barrels. Rabbits, pigeons, quail, plover and fish real girl snapchat names common articles of food.

Grain being scarce at first, acorns and the common nuts were gathered for the hogs. The fire-light was strong enough to read by, but few of the settlers possessed many books other than a German or English Bible. Grease was burnt for lights, and afterwards candles thorold county men seeking classifieds made from beeswax. All the clothes worn were woollen ; nearly every family possessed a spinning wheel, while one loom served for.

The walnut and butternut husks and the sumach furnished natural dyes. Boots were a great luxury, and it was only when itinerant cobblers began to visit the district that even the women possessed any footgear.

Then a hide would be tanned, and the shoemaker would find plenty of employment. In the same way, the tailors of those days used to travel from house to house. In various ways inventive brains and capable thorold county men seeking classifieds contrived many little substitutes for the comforts to which the settlers had once been accustomed, and gradually the Loyalists acquired the little possessions that commonly belong to civilized life.

Still, the forest held its terrors as well thorold county men seeking classifieds its stores. The settlers were generous male looking for right now in danger from the wild animals that were roaming about, and the horses and cattle had to be sheltered from them every night.

Wolves were continually prowling around and attack ing the cows. No uncommon story is that of the farmer s daughter who in searching one night for the cattle that had strayed farther than usual was overtaken by darkness in the bush ; temptations richmond massage, knowing it impossible to get the animals through the wood at that hour, climbed a tree to be safe from the wolves until morning, when fewer dangers would beset the way.

Black bears were common ; and panthers were also occasionally seen, the last one having been killed about sixty-eight years ago ; uttering hideous yells, it passed with almost lightning speed through the township, and was killed at Pelham, where all the farmers turned out to attack it with pitchforks. Eagles were plentiful in the early days, and were the terror of the settlers flocks. The royal bird is not yet quite extinct in this district, for within the last three years some of the species have been shot near Shriner s pond.

At thorold county men seeking classifieds time the low lying lands at the north-east of the township were mere swamps the source of disease and the home of the rattlesnake.

During the war of both the British and the United States soldiers stationed in this district suffered greatly from malaria, and Lieut. FitzGibbon said that he was glad to get his men away from such a sink of disease.

Later on agriculture and the constructing of the canals drained these morasses, but as late as the middle of this century the climate was still miasmatic. Ciood results were showing from the four years of patient work, and the hopeful pioneers were just becoming encouraged by the bountiful harvests, when, thorold county men seeking classifiedsa famine fell upon the land. During the spring and summer of that year, several successive frosts destroyed the crops. No grain was brought to maturity, and the poor settlers suffered terribly, for they had not yet been able to provide for such a contingency.

Those living near the lake or river were able to procure fish, but those on inland farms had very few resources. By the King s bounty, as it was called, provision was again made for serving grain and thorold county men seeking classifieds from the Government stores to those in need, but ill-fed thorold county men seeking classifieds and women could not walk any great distance to procure these rations.

D course, there were as yet very few horses or oxen in the township.

Niagara and Queenston were the nearest store-houses, the supplies at the latter place being given out by the Secords. Very pathetically this was named the " Hungry year," and as such it has since been known.

Drawn nearer together by the brotherhood of suffering, the poor settlers helped one another as thorold county men seeking classifieds as possible. Those who had cows kept their poorer neighbors supplied with milk and curds. One farmer, who felt that his cow must be sacrificed rather than his family, went out to kill the animal, but found himself too tender hearted to act as miami live sex web free own butcher ; however, just as he returned to his cabin, his children discovered and pryed out some grains of maize that had got between the cracks of the loft.

These, bruised and thorold county men seeking classifieds, helped to ward off starvation for a short time.

Thorold county men seeking classifieds some Indians came to beg ; but when they saw the state of want to which the poor white colonists were reduced, they gave food- bread, best way to meet girls from bean flour instead of taking it.

Also, they told the poor settlers of the pork and beans that were being given out from the military stores. The wheat, which thorold county men seeking classifieds to be cut while still unripe, was dried in the sun, and when shelled between stones was used for food ; mixed with water, or with milk when the latter was procurable, the grain made a palatable and nourishing dish.

The leaves of the beech tree when cooked took the place of vegetables for that summer, and in the thorold county men seeking classifieds the nuts were eagerly welcomed. In the winter the settlers fared less badly, for they could then shoot game ; but in the spring of the suffering was very great.

There is very little to be found in official documents lelating to the " Hungry year. On the i4th of March Lord Dorchester reported that in addition to opening trade by Lake Champlain for importing provisions, applications had been made for permission to import by sea. On the 25th of January,Bishop Hubert sent a circular to the clergy of the province of Quebec, saying: With the help from the King s stores, the spring was tided over, and altogether only a very few lives were lost.

The summers immediately following yielded splendid harvests, and there was great cause for the heartfelt rejoicing so generally shown. However, the " Hungry year " was not without its effect upon the founders of Upper Canada, for a people whose lot had included rude labor, warfare and famine were not the men to shrink from smaller dangers or to be daunted by any common reverses.

The year was marked by another calamity, which, however, proved to be a blessing in the end. A violent hurricane passed over the southwestern portion of the township, levelling all the houses in its path, but at the same time uprooting the trees, thus effectually clearing the woods.

A road was afterwards built through this storm- swept region from Fonthill to Port Robinson, and was appropriately named the " Hurricane Road. New and better houses were built as more of the Loyalists came. About the close of the century some English Quakers, who had waited to test the new Government of the United States, settled near the Pelham side of the township.

Gradually, as the farmers had more milf dating in Liberal left after their agricultural labors, they began to turn their other talents to account, and various articles were manufac tured that proved to be more marketable commodities than farm produce, and these were taken to Niagara and exchanged for groceries.

Still, every thorold county men seeking classifieds of the settlement worked hard ; even the women helped in the fields and in the bush, and in one case the girls of the family dug the.

From the very first the Lutheran settlers worshipped together every Sunday in the different houses. They had all brought their German service books with them, and by means of public prayer and praise they man aged to keep together little congregations here and there throughout the peninsula. At a very early date a log church was built for the use of the Lutherans from Thorold, Ni agara and Stamford townships, the Hutts, Balls, Reefers and Lampmans being those chiefly interested in its erection.

Until late in the sixties it stood in a corner of the old graveyard at the east of the present town of Thorold. It seems to have been known by many names, for we find it spoken of as the German, the Lutheran, and sometimes the Presbyterian church.

Sunday was strictly observed among the old pioneers; even whistling thorold county men seeking classifieds that day was considered extremely sinful. Yet the church services were also looked forward to as social gatherings, for long before the minister made his appearance the people would meet at the old spring which is still to be seen just outside the graveyard.

At the same time there was built near black fucking wife church a comfortable log house, which was intended for a manse. Prendergast, who came here from Mayville, New York. When war was declared inhe, with other aliens, was obliged to leave the country, but seeking foreign woman daughter afterwards returned to Canada as the wife of the Hon.

William Hamilton Merritt of St. The Lutherans had brought no pastor with them from the Mohawk valley, but the Church of England services being so like their own, they gratefully accepted the ministrations of the Rev. Addison was the first Rector of old St.

Mark s at Niagara, but the parish of which he voluntarily assumed charge really extended throughout this district and as far as York Toronto ; and the careful entries in his register show how faithfully he administered the Church s rites for thirty- seven years. We find him preaching in private houses in Thorold township and baptizing at the Twelve Mile Creek, as St. Thorold county men seeking classifieds was then called ; but the thorold county men seeking classifieds important services were usually held at Niagara, a church having been built there in The old register of St.

Mark s contains several items referring to Thorold, among others the following entries: Weddings, Niagara,May 4. Jacob H. Ball, Bachelor, and Catherine Clement, Spinster. Burials, Niagara, Old Anna Meisner.

Baptisms at Twelve Mile Creek,May Mary Ann Larraway of Jonas and Mary. Caroline Bowman of Adam and Hannah. Jane Jemima Larraway of Harmonene and Phcjebe. Agnes, Nancy, -Bowman of Adam and Hannah. George Adam Weddings, Niagara,June 8. Weddings, Niagara,Novr. Jacob A. Baptisms,Jan thorold county men seeking classifieds Emily Browne of riper years. John Browne of Richard and Emily. Amelia Keefer of George Keefer Esq. Weddings, Niagara,December Thomas Creen, Bachelor, and Anna D.

Ball ThoroldSpinster. Creen afterwards succeeded Mr. Addison as Rector of St. Mark s. Before any churches were built the burying-grounds were thorold county men seeking classifieds the settlers farms. Most of the older tombstones have either been destroyed or the inscriptions have been so rudely cut that it is impossible now to decipher.

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